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678 Murders In Lightfoot’s Chicago With Two Months Left In 2021

by staff


Chicago has had more homicides in two months than in eight of the prior ten years.


The Chicago Police Department said Monday that there were 678 killings in the city by the end of October, 17 more than last year.


The city has at least 775 killings in 2016, the most since 1996. Chicago may surpass that toll this year, though the agency reports a slowdown in October.


59 persons died in October, compared to 69 in October 2017.


But the number of shootings has not slowed. The agency reported 356 shootings in October, compared to 344 in the same month previous year. At least 3,766 persons have been shot this year, compared to 3,443 last year.


2016 was the most violent year in the last decade, with 781 killings. Homicides fell to at least 644 the following year, then to 547 in 2018 and 501 in 2019 before rising again.


Before 2016, there were 435 killings in 2011, 504 in 2012, 415 in 2013, 407 in 2014, and 478 in 2016.


Homicides and gunshots have risen considerably this year compared to previous. In 50 of the city’s 72 neighborhoods, homicides are up or down from last year. According to the Sun-Times, only 22 do better.


North Lawndale, West Garfield Park, West Pullman and South Shore are just a few of the troubled areas still plagued by violence.