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The Truth About Solar Panel Pollution

by staff

Environmentalist journalists almost exclusively report the benefits and good news about renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. Now it's the scientists and solar industry leaders that are raising the alarm bells.

Solar panels contain toxic poisons such as lead and cadmium that can't be removed easily and cost effectively. 90% of the PV panels are made up of impure glass. This glass can't be recycled as float glass, the most common that can be recycled.. The common problems of the solar panel impure glass are plastics, lead , cadmium and antimony.

Cadmium can be washed out of solar panels by rainwater and is a great concern will contaminate local groundwaters. Leaching from broken panels damaged by natural events such as hail storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and at decommissioning (replacement) offset many of the benefits attributed to solar panel use. In short, there is no energy "free lunch".

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