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Remember Sybil? The Woman With 16 Personalities? She Was A Total Fraud.

by staff

Back in 1973, the world was totally stunned by the "true" story of a woman with 16 different personalities. This lead to a pop culture fascination with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). An obsession that still exists to this day and is used in legal cases.

But the patient at ground zero of it all confessed that she made the whole ting up.

Dr.Wilbur, who treated Sybil, real name Shirley Mason, made a fortune and garnered professional and popular fame and prestige from the case. A book that sold 7 million copies resulted from it.

During her treatment Dr. Wilbur convinced Sybil to devote herself to therapy full-time, 15 hours a day, and prescribed her anti-psychotic drugs and amphetamines.

Four years into her treatments, Sybil confessed that she lied and made the whole thing up, but it was too late. The snowball was rolling downhill and was too big to stop. The good doctor dismissed the confession excusing it by saying it only proved how traumatized she really was. Meanwhile the cash kept rolling in and Sybil ended up addicted to all of the drugs prescribed by the good doctor.

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