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I’m sending a message to AMAZON.COM that I’m unhappy with what they are doing to social media companies.

Boycotts don’t usually work. especially with a company as big and diverse in products as AMAZON. I’m trying something different. I’m an AMAZON PRIME member. I’m going on Amazon to order ONE Dixon No. 2 Yellow Pencil. It’ll cost about $1.60 after taxes, with no shipping charge. Once I get it, I’ll inspect it. If I don’t like it, I’ll send it back for a refund. I’m very picky.

Now, the cost of the packaging, the hourly wages of the fulfillment personell, gas, and equipment willl make this extremely unprofitable for Amazon, but, hey, that’s business. And I might be ordering several pencils a week, or something else on their site that costs under $2.00.

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Latest Crap Out Of Washington D.C. and the MSM

SOLAR PANELS POLLUTE BIG TIMEEnvironmentalist journalists almost exclusively report the benefits and good news about renewable energy sources, such as solar panels. Now it's the scientists and solar industry leaders that are raising the alarm bells.

FBI Told Him To 'Lawyer Up, And Get Out Of My Office!'The Delaware computer shop owner, John Paul Mac Isaac was rudely dismissed by the FBI as he tried to do the right thing and turn in evidence of high crimes. After presenting the laptop of Hunter Biden to the agents of the FBI he was told, "You better lawyer up and get out of my office!"

YouTube Deletes Dislikes From Biden VideosYouTube and the Democrat Party were shocked at the number of "dislikes" versus "likes" from videos on the official channel of President Joe Biden's White House.

Biden's Plan Is To Make America California AgainCalifornia is Biden's think tank for his administration and a Congress that will be Democrat. The incoming administration is relying heavily on California for setting a progressive agenda and inspiration on new laws and policies.

Biden Promises A Blizzard Of New Legislation In His First Hundred DaysBiden promises a burst of executive orders that will gut the changes made by President Trump.

Chapman University Professor Leaves Position As A Result Of Speaking At Trump RallyJohn Eastman, a distinguished professor of law at Chapman University in Southern California, retired Wednesday, January 13, 2020. The retirement was the result of his speaking at the Trump Rally in Washington D.C. that many claim was responsible for the later mayhem that occurred at the capitol building.

Here Are Six Links To Videos Where Democrats Call For Physical Confrontation And Violence. Check Them Out Before Twitter Takes Them Down.Still active on Twitter are videos of Democrats, during the Trump administration, calling for violence from their supporters. They call for the supporters to physically confront Republicans on the streets or wherever they reside.

Biden Nominates Racist For DOJ Who Says Blacks Are Superior To WhitesAn article, written for the Harvard Crimson, states that there is medical evidence proving the mental and physical superiority of the black race.

In 72 Hours, The App Telegram Gets 25 Million New Users Telegram, the messaging app, increased it's subscriber base by 25 million in just 72 hours. The app is used extensively by many cryptocurrency afficionadoes. Telegram doesn't share personal information and has encrypted chats.

Talk-Radio Owner, Cumulus, Orders Its Conservative Shows To Back OffCumulus, broadcaster of such radio shows as Mark Levine, Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino, stated today that it will not tolerate any suggestion that the election has not ended.

Apple And Google Are Flexing Their Muscles And Shutting Down Free SpeechIn a blatant display of censorship and government subsidized totalitarianism, Apple and Google are trying to crush a major conservative outlet for free speech.

Media And Democrats Looked The Other Way At Least 28 TimesWhen it helps push their agenda, Democrats and the media allies suddenly condemn riots and violence.

School District Says White Teachers Are Guilty of Spirit Murdering Black ChildrenNew training focuses on White Privilege in which teachers are accused of being colonizers on Native American land and upholding racist ideals and policies. The school officials defend their actions as a new policy of racial healing.

Democrats Pass Gender Neutral Speech Rules For The HouseDemocrats are now genderless. Gender Identity ideology which denies the traditional male and female sex of individuals has won the day in the House of Representative.

Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, And JPMorgan Disbanded A Healthcare Venture Supported By The Trump AdministrationThe joint venture called Haven, formed by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JPMorgan is being shut down after forming during the first year of the Trump administration. It's purpose was to lower costs and improve outcomes in healthcare.

Portland Mayor Now Begging For Federal Help To Deal With AntifaTed Wheeler, the Portland Mayor, admitted he failed with his policies of appeasement with Antifa anarchists. He pleaded for federal and state assistance in dealing with the activist criminals.

The List of Senior U.S. Officials Taking Subsidized Trips, Dinners and Other Perks From ChinaThe list exposes U.S. officials receiving perks from a Chinese front public relations firm seeking favorable coverage from U.S. institutions. The favors even continue after the representatives leave office and move on to other government related positions.

Antifa Vandalized Nancy Pelosi's HousePelosi's San Francisco home was graffitied in the early hours of Friday morning. Words were scrawled across her garage door and a pig's head in a pool of red paint was left behind.

Census Bureau Delay Undermines Trump Administration PlanThe Census Bureau will miss it's deadline for submitting numbers that are used for determining congressional seats.

Corona Virus Kills Congressman-elect From LouisianaFive days before he was due to be sworn in, a member of the 117th Congress, representing the people of the rural 5th Congressional district of Louisiana, Representative-elect Luke Letlow (R-LA) died Tuesday from coronavirus.

Apple Is Accused of Using Chinese Slave Labor To Make It's ProductsDocuments, uncovered by the Tech Transparency Project and shared with Washington Post, show that thousands of Uighur Muslims were sent to work with Lens Technology from the largely Muslim region of Xinjiang as forced labor. According to the annual report, Lens also supplies Amazon and Tesla.

The Factories in the Chinese CampsBased on government documents, interviews, and hundreds of satellite photos, it can be undeniably proven that China has constructed more than 100 new factories in Xinjiang where it can not only lock workers up, but also compel them to operate in dedicated factory buildings right on site as forced (slave) labor.

President Trump Is America's Most Admired Man According To Gallup PollAmericans named President Trump, former President Barrack Obama, Joe Biden, and Dr. Anthony Fauci as their most admired men in the December 29th poll. President Trump’s eclipse of Obama by three percentage points marks the end of a 12-year run as the most admired man for the former president.

Kenosha Police Officer Will Be ExoneratedJacob Blake was shot seven times by officer Rusten Sheskey as the sex crimes suspect, who was armed with a knife, resisted arrest, tried to steal his ex-girlfriend's vehicle and kidnap her children.

Three Whistleblowers Outline Proof of Election FraudStenstrom (whistleblower) first saw election officials emerge from a closed back room holding trays full of votes, leading him to call for permission to see what was going on. He was refused access with "increasingly flimsy" arguments. After further requests election supervisors flatly declined to allow him entry.

US States Are Told Ethnic Minorities Are Critical Groups for Vaccination With HALF Prioritizing Black and Hispanic Residents Over White According to Centers for Disease Control advice, every US state has been urged to recognize ethnic minorities as a vital and disadvantaged group in their vaccine delivery programs. Now half of the nation's states have outlined strategies that now favor black, Hispanic and indigenous people over white individuals.

Public Schools No Longer Have A Captive Audience In pursuit of education that best suits their children's needs, the pandemic is forcing families to leave government institutions.

'Deepfake' Queen Elizabeth Delivers Alternate Christmas Address To Demonstrate the Dangerous Technology and How Believable it Has Become.A "deepfake" speech aired by a British broadcaster, a fake Queen Elizabeth pranced and danced around TV screens on Christmas in the UK.

American Majority Dislikes Socialism and Oppose Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: According to Survey
Almost 60 percent of the population thinks badly of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez's radical beliefs, and 75 percent want nothing to do with the progressive socialist ideas she preaches.

Department of Homeland Security Has Found 'Backdoors' Programmed Into Smart Televisions Made In ChinaThe acting head of The Department of Homeland Security said the agency was analyzing the cyber danger of smart TVs sold by the Chinese electronics giant TCL, following news last month in The Security Ledger and elsewhere that the gadgets might provide 'back door' access to sold sets in the United States.


Breonna Taylor Was No 'BLM' Hero

Breonna Taylor appears to have been knee-deep in her sometime-illegal boyfriend's enterprise, Jamarcus Glover, who ran a huge drug ring, trafficking crack cocaine and fentanyl to Louisville residents.

Who Runs and Who Owns the Largest On-Line Porn sites? And Who Makes Money Off of Them?Porn has revolutionized components such as targeted ads, pay-per-click, and email marketing in the global online advertising industry and is today a major part of the Internet economy.

Controversy over videos with links to violence on children and sex trafficking has also been linked to so-called "tube" pages. So WHO IS RESPONSIBLE?"


The Dirty Little Secret At Tesla MotorsTesla's proftis don't come from the sale of it's cars. It comes from regulatory credits.

Leon Black, CEO of Apollo Global Management, Paid Convicted Pervert $159 Million DollarsLeon Black, CEO of Apollo Global Management, is stepping down from his position after it was discovered that larger-than-expected payments were made to Jeffrey Epstein.

Biden Administration Considering Breaking A Major Campaign PromiseA few days in office and the new administration already is considering breaking a campaign promise not to raise taxes on people making less than 400K a year.

Supporting a federal gasoline tax increase is a clear violation of Biden's promise not to raise taxes on the middle class and the poor. This increase would be disproportionally felt by America's poorest population and those in rural communities.

The new administration is also considering a new "vehicle miles traveled" (VMT) tax that would charge based on miles driven per year. California is already looking into implementing just such a tax on its highway travelers.

Unless Ireland Gets Four Million Migrants, It's State Pension System Will CollapseIreland needs four million migrant workers PRONTO. Their numbers of older people is rising fast and the present population of under 65 year old people will not be enough to fund the pensions of the country's elderly.

U-Haul Rates The Top States People Are Leaving And Moving ToU-Haul has released their annual report on which states are toxic to move to and which states hold the most promise for starting over in a new location.

'Magic Mushrooms' Grow In A Man's Bloodstream After He Injects HimselfA man spent 22 days in the hospital with 8 being in an ICU after injecting himself with 'Magic Mushroom' tea and the fungus started to grow in his blood.

Survivor Of A Chinese Re-education Camp SpeaksThis is the story of a Uighur woman who was lured back to China under false pretenses by the Chinese government after having lived abroad for more than a decade.

Social Media Giant Claims That Internet Shutdowns And Suppression Violates Basic Human Rights, But ONLY In UgandaPublic policy folks at Twitter stood in opposition to efforts to shut down internet access before the Ugandan elections this week. They also opposed the blocking of messaging apps and other forms of social media.

Over 6,000 Military Personnel Deploy In Washington D.C.The National Guards from several states are sending troops to bolster law enforcement in the nation's capital. Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and New York will participate in the military action.

The Rich In America Are Holding Their Breath Waiting For What Biden Will DoBiden campaigned on tax-hikes for corporations and the rich in America who earn more than $400,000 annually. With the Democrat win in Georgia, this will now become a reality.

China Celebrates D.C. MayhemChinese propaganda outlets believe that the riot on Wednesday January 6, 2021, marks the fall of democracy and that America will soon perish. That outa know.They are experts at squasing dissent.

China Denies Entry To Coronavirus The Chinese government denied entry to investigators of the World Health Organization whose mission is to determine the source of the Covid-19 virus.

Police Officers in Kenosha Wisconsin Will Not Be ChargedThe DA in Kenosha Wisconsin said on Tuesday that there will be no charges brought against the police in the August 2020 shooting of Jacob Blake. The event resulted in massive riots in the Wisconsin city.

Billionaire Jack Ma Isn't Missing, He's Just Hiding From The Chinese GovernmentIt's all 'okay'. CNBC reports that the co-founder of Alibaba, China's equivalent to, is not 'missing'. He's only in 'hiding' because he made critical comments of the Chinese leadership.

Backdoor Vulnerability Discovered In A Major Manufacturer of Firewall and Security Hardware For Government and IndustryDiscovered by Dutch security researchers, the backdoor account in Zyxel firewalls, is considered disastrous in terms of vulnerabilities.

The Body Of Evidence Is Growing That A Chinese Lab Leaked Covid-19A senior government official states that the theory of a Chinese lab releasing the Covid-19 virus is the most credible. Previous claims from China that the virus originated in the Wuhan marketplace are blatantly false.

The Rose Bowl Left California For Texas America's most popular and attended football game since 1916, moved to Texas in 2020.

Former Reporter Charged With Torching Police Cars During Black Lives Matter ProtestAccording to federal authorities, a former Arkansas public radio reporter was charged with setting fire to police cars during protests for Black Lives Matter.

Obama Administration Knew It Was Funding An Al-Qaeda AffiliateWorld Vision United States, a non-profit charitable organisation, in 2014 inappropriately transacted with the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA) with the permission of the Obama administration, sent government money, according to a recent report, to an entity that had been banned for its connection to terrorism.

71 Percent of Young Americans Are Too Fat, Drug Addled and Poorly Educated To Defend Our Country! And That Doesn't Even Include Their Criminal Records!Retired generals and admirals reported that an interagency advisory committee composed of executive branch departments such as Justice, Education and Agriculture should develop a long-term plan to solve this problem and ensure that young Americans would save our military.

Auditor Found $200 Million Missing in California Department and Was FIREDCommissioners of the California Public Utilities Commission, or CPUC, accused Alice Stebbins, Executive Director, of breaking the laws of state employees by recruiting former peers without appropriate credentials. They said the director of the department misled the public by stating that accounts meant to finance services for the blind, deaf and disabled of the state were losing as much as $200 million. Yet she was right and they smeared her.

A Longtime Network Flaw Makes It Possible for Hackers to Track Your Location and Record ConversationsIn 2017, a set of protocols first developed in 1975 to help link phone carriers around the world, were found by hackers to contain vulnerabilities. A 2016 60 Minutes study brought broader focus to the fact that the vulnerability would allow a hacker to monitor the position of users, dodge encryption, and even record private conversations, while the issue is not new. NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT!

San Francisco Overdose Deaths Far Outpace COVID-19 Deaths A unprecedented 621 people have died from opioid overdoses in San Francisco so far this year, according to publicly available statistics, a staggering figure that far exceeds the 173 deaths from COVID-19 this year.

American Pandemic Tent Cities, Foretell a Grim FutureMarcipoa County authorities converted a pair of asphalt-topped parking lots into the newest homeless shelter in the city to cope with an exploding homeless population and promote emotional distancing amid the pandemic. The county has more than 7,500 residents on the streets, and COVID-19 has killed almost 5,000.

'Picnic, Brown Bag and Blacklist' Are Now On a University's 'DO NOT USE' List For Being RacistThe University of Michigan has a "Words Matter Task Force." The WMTF, set up by the Information and Technology Services (ITS) department of the university, has announced that it considers more than two dozen words and phrases, including "picnic," "brown bag" and "blacklist," potentially offensive to individuals.

Hyper-Realistic Masks Go On Sale In Japan. Wearing the Face of Someone Else. Will It Catch On Here?
A retailer in Japan came up with a new twist on the concept of facial disguise a year after the coronavirus outbreak - a hyper-realistic mask that models the features of a stranger in three dimensions. The masks of Shuhei Okawara would not defend you or anyone from the infection. But they'll give you the exact look of an anonymous Japanese adult. These masks can also be used to thwart facial recognition software.

Cable Providers Can No Longer "Rent" You the Router You Already OwnIs your internet service provider charging you for the cable modem or router you bought with your own money per month? Starting on Sunday, December 20th, the fee is illegal and you can tell your ISP that you will no longer accept it.

Obama and the Beach House Loopholes Boy, the Obama's sure aren't worrying about 'Rising Sea Levels' anymore. They are expanding their Post Presidency fortune by buying MORE seafront property. How many houses do these guys need? Or maybe they will share it with the poor and unfortunate like good socialists.

Oh yeah, they also don't give a S#!T about the environment. Read the article and see how they are deliberately skirting the laws.

Dounreay Site Available for Reuse in the Year 2333 Can't seem to think of anything to say but, "Wow!"

Nolte: Rose McGowan Rips DNC, Clintons — ‘I Believe Joe Biden Is a Rapist’ Imagine you are Rose McGowan. You’re Ground Zero of the #MeToo movement and nothing’s changed, not a goddamned thing.

Why Hasn't Democrat Darling Julia Louis-Dreyfus Been Canceled for Appearing in Film with Blackface Character? The LEFT turns a blind eye to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and the fact that she was in a movie that had a character in Black Face as the main premise of the movie. The movie was titled, "Soul Man."

Sarah Silverman Blasts 'Cancel Culture': 'They Fired Me' Over a Blackface Photo Sarah Silverman is upset because the environment she helped to create bit her in the ass.

Spain to Build 30-Foot Walls Around Its African Cities to Stop Illegal Migrants So European countries are now building border walls. I guess they are taking example from the Vatican. They've had a border wall for centuries.


Remember Sybil? The Woman With 16 Personalities? She Was A Total Fraud.

Back in 1973, the world was totally stunned by the "true" story of a woman with 16 different personalities. This lead to a pop culture fascination with MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). An obsession that still exists to this day and is used in legal cases.

The 'Woke' University of York Claims The Monkeys Are Racist

Academic pinheads at the University of York have removed references to the three wise monkeys after an epiphany that determined they represented an insult to certain minorities.

Washington Post Censors Embarrassing Anecdote From Harris Profile After Inauguration

The Washington Post censored a segment from one of its Kamala Harris profiles originally published 18 months ago. The deletion is an attempt to excise Kamala Harris' insensitive humor about inmates begging for food and water.

Do You Hear Dead People?

A new study finds some people are more sensitive to 'hearing the dead.' Durham University researchers say that people who hear the dead are more likely to have heard strange sounds early in life and engage in immersive mental activities....

Allergic Reactions Cause California To Pause Specific Moderna Vaccine

Health officials in California want a pause of a specific batch of the Moderna Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine may be responsible for a rash of allergic reactions.

Cause Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Discovered

The chronic and debilitating condition of Irritable Bowel Syndrome has been discovered by a group of Belgium researchers.

CIA Has Released UFO Documents And They Are Now Online

Readers can now find the collection of UFO records secretly collected over two decades by the CIA going back to 1996.

'Chuck You' Schumer Wants Capitol Protestors To be Put On No-Fly List

In an effort that strongly resembles the Chinese Government's Social Scoring system, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) wants those who took part in the Capitol protest put on the no-fly list.

Chapman University Law Professor John Eastman Is In The Crosshairs

Law Professor, John Eastman, is in the sites of 150 faculty members at Chapman University in Southern California. He spoke at the Trump rally before the D.C. capitol riot.

Clock Is Ticking. US Intelligence Agencies Have Less Than 180 Days To Cough Up Their Info On UFOs

When the Covid Relief bill was signed into law last December, tucked inside was the requirement for the Federal Government to provide the congressional intelligence and armed services committees with all of it's information on past UFO experiences and knowledge thereof...This is for REAL

A TV Network In Denmark Has Launched A Children's Show About A Man With A Giant Penis

An animated Danish TV series geared toward children ages 4 through 8 years of age features a man with a penis several feet long. I'm Not Kidding.

Can A T.V. Series Prove An Afterlife?

A Television documentary builds a convincing and provocative case for consciousness continuing beyond life as we know it using legitimate analysis.

'Texodus' Is The Terrified Flight Of Techies From California To Texas

Why is California so repulsive to the tech industry? An industry that spent billions of dollars to help realign state government to create their false vision of a progressive, utopian society? So repulsive that the stars of Silicon Valley and their talent are leaving in droves like former East Germans to West Germany?

'Hawaiian Rolls' Are Not Made In Hawaii! Man Sues!

A man, with nothing better to do from New York state, is suing the company that makes King's Hawaiian rolls for false and misleading advertising that leads one to believe the rolls are actually made in Hawaii.

Sherlock Holmes Is Attacked For Being Toxically Masculine
The concept of toxic masculinity sounds modern, but is not. Researchers of toxic masculinity have defined it as the performance of traditional male gender roles. These gender roles consist of dominating others, violence, highly competitive behaviour and being emotionally cold and distant.

Voting System Company Is Partially Owned By Chinese Companies
Analysts investigating financial fraud believe that a Chinese corporation, or a middleman affiliate with Chinese individuals, have invested huge amounts of money into a fund making them indirect owners of Dominion Voting Systems through a corporation named Staple Street Capital.

Nancy Pelosi Wants To Eliminate Gendered Terms Like ‘Father’ And ‘Daughter’ In House Rules
And people wonder why our country is so screwed up? This is the most important thing on Nancy Pelosi's agenda right now? What a waiste of time!

A Study Of More Than A Million People Claims A Link Between Life Span And Iron Levels In Humans
The study claims that having too much iron in your blood increases dying at an earlier age.

China Arrests Nuns To Shut Down the Vatican Mission In Hong Kong
A report published Wednesday by local health authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan says that the virus, that has swept the globe since then, had infection rates 10 times higher than official estimates indicate.

China Finally Admits Corona Cases in Wuhan Were 10-Times Higher Than Reported
A report published Wednesday by local health authorities in the Chinese city of Wuhan says that the virus, that has swept the globe since then, had infection rates 10 times higher than official estimates indicate.

Big Tech is Now Orwell's Ministry of Truth
It is not just our travel, social lives and jobs that have been limited in this year of lockdown. In stifling everything we can say and hear about, Big Tech has taken control of vast segments of our daily lives. In particular, two problems have been key to Big Tech's escalating war on incorrect thought, what Orwell called 'Wrongthink': the pandemic of Covid-19 and the US presidential election.

Midwestern Cities Are Banning Sledding!
Several high-profile cases involving sledding injuries were brought in recent years, causing cities to start taking precautions against the activity. Lawsuits have cost towns millions of dollars, including proceedings against Omaha, Nebraska, and Sioux City, Iowa.

Disney World Digitally Adds Face Masks To Ride-Goers
If you are not wearing a face mask, Disney World will add one to your face in their on-ride photos.

Their Worst Academic Scandal in 45 years, 70 Cadets Are Accused of Cheating at West Point.

More than 70 U.S. cadets at West Point, the Military Academy, were accused of cheating on a math test. The worst academic fiasco since the 1970s at the Army's premier officer training school.

The World War One Christmas Truce Story
What actually happened on Christmas Day when British and German troops emerged from their trenches?

A Former DOD Aerospace Threat Program Manager Claims UFOs Are Very Real
Retired high-level officials and analysts with extensive black expertise who have mostly hidden in the shadows stepped forward. These insiders have long-standing ties with government departments who have experience with unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP/UFOs). The team consists of a 25-year CIA Directorate of Operations veteran, a "Skunk Works" Lockheed Martin Program Director for Advanced Systems, and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence.

A Bad Omen! The Blood of San Gennaro Failed To Liquefy
A vial containing the dried blood of a martyr of the fourth century is placed on display and the devout Catholics pray for its liquefaction." This is known as the "Miracle of San Gennaro. Three times a year in the cathedral of the city of Naples, Italy this is done. This time it failed to become liquid. The last time it failed, September 19, 1980, a massive earthquake hit.

About One Third of the Almost Nine Thousand Online Examinees Were Flagged for Cheating During the October 2020 Bar Exam...So That Means 2/3 of Them Are Good At Cheating
More than 3,000 individuals who sat for the remote October test of the State Bar of California had their proctoring videos flagged for inspection, and hundreds received notices of violation from the admissions office of the department.

The 'Masturbation Guide' Publication from Teen Vogue Mocked for Advances in Woke Linguistics. ‘Women’ or ‘Vagina Owners’? Teen Vogue has rolled out an ultra-inclusive anatomical-based new category of individual, and social media users are rolling in the aisles as a result. Behold "owners of vagina." On Tuesday, the publication posted on Twitter its "no-nonsense, 101 masturbation guide for vagina owners" employing the odd term instead of more traditional descriptors such as "women," "girls," or even the more familiar "people with vaginas."

This Year, 2,200 Nigerian Christians Were Massacred by Islamists Since 2009, 34,400 Christians and 20,000 cultural Muslims have been murdered by Islamists, mainly in the north of the country, who also uphold animistic traditional beliefs and practices.

The Director of 'A Christmas Story' Was Killed By An Illegal AlienAlthough most of us are familiar with the classic film, many are not aware of the horrific manner in which Bob Clark, director of A Christmas Story," died. On April 4, 2007, when the 65-year-old director was travelling with his son, Ariel Hanrath-Clark, 22, along the Pacific Coast Highway, an SUV veered into oncoming traffic, causing a head-on collision with Clark's car. Both Clarks died at the scene. The SUV was driven by a drunk-driving illegal alien.

Michelle Obama Praising Harvey Weinstein as a 'Wonderful Human Being' AFTER HIS SEX ABUSE CONVICTION At a White House function, former First Lady Michelle Obama's video celebrating the rapist Harvey Weinstein after his conviction.

Woman Finds a Note From Chinese 'Prisoner' Begging for Help From Inside Her Walmart PurseAn Arizona woman says that in a purse she purchased at Walmart, she found a letter from a Chinese slave labor inmate asking for help.